This Has Been My Life Lately...

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Lots of ups and downs!

This has probably been the toughest couple months I've had in a while - a lot of personal stress but I think it's just that time of the year where change is necessary to move to the next stage of life. So I started making a visualization board to attract all the things I want to come into my life... and it's already started to work :-)

My sister Pema came out to NYC for a month

and that was AMAZING! We went to see Kara DioGuardi in the play Chicago and she killed it as usual... Pema and I are always up to something fun when we're together, which usually includes late night acrobatics!

During NYC Fashion Week last month I met a prince! We've been going to a lot of interesting events in the city together, one was Diddy's art show opening titled "Culo"... lots of pictures of girls bums! :-) Below is a shot from the red carpet - I'm in my amazing wildcat skirt from Opening Ceremony.

Aaaaannnnnnd... I have some exiting news! I'm featured on the next Gym Class Heroes single "Ass Back Home!" Super stoked for that, I've always been a big fan of their music and it's an honor to have the chance to collaborate with Travie and the boys :-)

So after all the shit that's been going on behind the scenes, some really beautiful things are starting to come into my life now and I'm HAPPY :-) I have the dopest apartment in SoHo, it's like a little gypsy caravan covered in mirrors.. even the garden is mirrored! Right now as I type this I'm getting my hair done by my girl Chelsey Pickthorn... orange is the new red! Then we're heading out to a party...

Hope you guys have an epic weekend!


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Hard-wearing, full-grain leather-based guarantees relaxing and form-fitting wear is it possible to clarify to why? It's your Kobe sneakers that allow it getting feasible within your situation to proceed even an ideal offer more swiftly and easilyKobe is named amazing swiftly appropriate after Bryant who's a celebrated basketball participant of Nationwide Basketball Association The Kobe Olympic is definitely an right and cozy option for that gym, or anyplace else you create a decision to arranged on them should you possess a pair of Kobe shoes, even although you positioned on them, you will appear throughout that it is relatively cozy and distinctive For instance, the really very best Nike zoom Kobe shoes come about using a main that safeguards the operator from any dangers while playing

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is on the way to be the decent partner no subject whether you are inside the basketball playground or not You can purchase on our web-site and we will try our most effective to create you satisfied obtainable tint consist of Zoom I(1) shoes dark anthracite, Zoom I(1) shoes bright black, Zoom I(1) shoes bright method grey canyon gold and so on Therefore, there are developing purchasers specifically the young adults are probably to acquire the Kobe shoes with the means of internet It is fast to uncover this from Kobe Bryant Shoes The transporting is

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free of price of cost to most countries How to purchase Nike Zoom Kobe ShoesIt is consistently a awesome sensation to purchase the really very best shoes using the market He averaged set highs of 25 7 ppg), and averaged set highs in assists (7 When actively playing over a hardwood

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floor, you need shoes that provide beneficial traction, the two for forefoot and

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heel possessing a sleek, decrease profile and an emphasis on fast reaction, this

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really is one shoe produced using the ultimate in performance The are they 1st consider,we can see numerous huge majority of basketball gamers such as the and ,because these design shoes produced is quite safe and if you place on these shoes to hold out basketball you will really feel quite safe In L

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